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Edgewalkers: People and Organizations That Take Risks, Build Bridges and Break New Ground (Praeger 2006)


In ancient cultures, each village had a shaman or medicine man who would visit the invisible world to obtain vital information, guidance, and healing for members of the tribe. These "edgewalkers" have contemporary counterparts in today's organizations--those individuals who don't fit squarely into any one box; in their metaphorical travels they interpret trends from the marketplace, translate messages across departments, and envision the future impact of today's decisions and actions. "Edgewalking" doesn't come without its own risks and challenges; these unconventional people often clash with more traditional, rule-bound colleagues, and they are often frustrated by organizational systems that emphasize quantitative results over creative impulses. And yet in today's fast-changing, diverse, and globalized business environment, organizations must recruit and support these people in order to stay competitive. Featuring colorful interviews and practical tools to gauge and manage your own edgewalking skills, Edgewalkers explores the opportunities that are created by defying formal boundaries and fostering creativity at every level of the organization.

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The Spirit of Project Management, with Alan Harpham


Projects have always been essentially human endeavours. Large modern projects are generally highly complex, fraught with technical difficulties and supported by diverse, often apparently conflicted stakeholders. The spirituality that originally defined some of the great construction projects of the classical era surely has a role in project management today.

The Spirit of Project Management explains the context for spirituality in projects and explores how it can be used to create a larger sense of purpose and achievement; to help encourage an esprit de corps amongst all those involved; to act as a touchstone for ethical and sustainable decision-making.

This is a very pragmatic book. The first part includes an explanation and a variety of useful models for understanding the significance and value of spirituality in projects. Judi Neal and Alan Harpham devote the second part of the book to help you integrate these ideas into your day-to-day management of projects. Thus there are chapters on spirituality from the perspective of the individual, the project team, the project organization and even project management within a sustainable world framework.

Read this book, use the ideas to help you articulate your projects; engage and sustain your project team and your stakeholders; and frame how you work in terms of your organisation, society and the environment.

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The Handbook of Faith and Spirituality in the Workplace


While the field of management has developed as a research discipline over the last century, until the early 1990s there was essentially no acknowledgement that the human spirit plays an important role in the workplace. Over the past twenty years, the tide has begun to turn, as evidenced by the growing number of courses in academia and in corporate training, and an exponential increase in the publications emerging through creative interaction of scholars and practitioners in organizational behavior, workplace diversity, sustainability, innovation, corporate governance, leadership, and corporate wellness, as well as contributions by psychotherapists, theologians, anthropologists, educators, philosophers, and artists.

This Handbook is the most comprehensive collection to date of essays by the preeminent researchers and practitioners in faith and spirituality in the workplace, featuring not only the most current research and case examples, but visions of what will be, or should be, emerging over the horizon. It includes essays by the people who helped to pioneer the field as well as essays by up and coming young scholars.

The aim of The Handbook of Faith and Spirituality in the Workplace is to provide researchers, faculty, students, and practitioners with a broad overview of the field from a research perspective, while keeping an eye on building a bridge between scholarship and practice.

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Creating Enlightened Organizations: Four Gateways to Spirit at Work


This is the first book to provide a truly comprehensive program for creating an enlightened organization. Creating Enlightened Organizations facilitates the reader into making choices about what approaches to take.  Each section of the book provides concrete examples of successful programs and practices.  Practical tools are provided to aid the reader in decision making and planning for program implementation.

The four sections of the book are:

Part I: Creating Personal Transformation
Part II: Developing Enlightened Leaders and Teams
Part III: Creating Organizational Transformation
Part IV: Joining the Global Consciousness Shift

Available December 2013

Virtues at Work: A Twelve Month Program, with Dorothy Marcic and Steve Karnik

Description: This book was created as a resource to business leaders who are looking for a way of nurturing greater wisdom and increased virtuousness in organizations.  Building on the work of Dorothy Marcic and her popular book “Managing With the Wisdom of Love,” Judi Neal’s work with the Spirituality in the Workplace movement, and Steve Karnik’s experience with trying to actually implement more positive approaches with his staff, this book offers practical tools for leaders.

 Through readings, exercises, case studies, inspirational quotes, dialogue, reflection and other tools, the team can assess where they stand and what they would like to change.  Each chapter ends with an action plan to help the team take its next steps.

This is the first book that actually has a practical year-long program to enhance virtues in organizations.

Available 2014

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