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Economic and Spiritual Arguments for Individual, Organizational and Societal Transformation
Explores issues of what matters most in individual, organizational and societal transformation - economic issues or spirit? We look at the standard arguments that economics are the driving force in transformation and then postulate that spirituality may be as much - if not more - of a driving force... More
Edgewalkers: How to Walk on the Leading Edge Without Falling Off the Cliff

The complexity of today's world requires people to walk in many different worlds. Edgewalkers are leaders who sense the leading edge and have the courage take action on their vision. It's important to know how not to get too far ahead of the pack... More

Innovative Management Training, Combining the Wisdom of East and West

In order to help students bring spirituality into the workplace, innovative teaching methods, which include the tools and techniques of eastern and western spirituality, are utilized. The authors have improved the quality of their teaching and students' ability to implement spirituality into the workplace, as well as their responsiveness, by utilizing psycho-spiritual techniques... More

Leadership and Spirituality in the Workplace

Overview of the concept of spirituality in the workplace. It provides spiritual principles that have been useful to many leaders in their personal and professional development and a list of some of the resources that are available to people who are interested in learning more about the relationship between leadership and spirituality... More

Spirituality in the Workplace: An Emerging Phenomenon

Work is a major portion of most of our lives, and usually a large part of our identities. In Western society, work has traditionally been very much a secular activity, and quite separate from a person's religious or spiritual life... More

Teaching Cohort Groups: An Outsider Looking In

Some of our experiences teaching to cohort groups and examine the value of cohort groups in management education. Several theories of group dynamics are presented that may be useful in helping faculty to understand the unique experience... More

Teaching With Soul: Support for the Management Educator
The concept of spirituality in the workplace entails, as well as a list of books and other resource materials that offer more in-depth knowledge about spirituality in the workplace... More
Trusting the Universe: The Gibb Legacy

... you get to be in groups in the organizational behavior course, and you actually get to know some of your fellow students in the class. I decided to follow her advice, but little did I know how much that course would change the way I perceive the world. It was to have a profound impact on my life and work... More

Work as Service to the Divine : Giving Our Gifts Selflessly and With Joy

... trends in spirituality in the workplace and then reports qualitative results of research interviews conducted with people who see work as service to the Divine. Issues of "work as prayer," "service to others," "ego and selflessness," and "making a difference" are discussed... More

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