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Judith Neal's latest book, Edgewalkers: People
and Organizations that Take Risks, Build
Bridges, and Break New Ground
is now available.
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Deep Change. An organization focused on integrating spirituality and work, with an emphasis on spiritual intelligence.

Edgewalkers. An international organization of Edgewalkers committed to taking risks, building bridges, and breaking new ground.

European Baha’i Business Forum. A professional non-profit association practicing and promoting moral and ethical values in business

Face the Music. An organization that uses the blues to help organizations discuss the undiscussable and to break through to new levels of performance

Megatrends 2010. A website devoted to the seven dynamic trends that are transforming business, society, and our lives.

John Renesch. A leading futurist, and a pioneer in consciousness in business

The Secretan Centre. Home of the ONE Community:  The Art and Practice of Conscious Leadership

Spiritual Capitalism. Website for the book Spiritual Capitalism:  What the FDNY Taught Wall Street About Money

The Values Centre. Supporting Leaders in Building Values-Driven Cultures

World Business Academy. An international business network of business leaders committed to sustainability, social responsibility, and personal transformation.



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