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Corporate Programs ~ Training

Our training programs are completely customizable and adapted to suit your organization's specific needs. We have found that these popular outlines help our clients begin the planning process.

Leadership Development



Change Management

Effective Communication

Team Spirit Training

Noble Purpose Training

ONE: The Art and Practice of Conscious Leadership

Recommended Process for Training Programs

Leadership Development

a. Self-Assessment
b. Management vs Leadership
c. Adapting Your Leadership Style
d. Leading With Soul

Edgewalkers (c)

a. How to Walk on the Leading Edge
b. Characteristics of Edgewalkers
c. Developing Edgewalker Skills
d. Creating the Edgewalker Organization

Team Building

a. Stages of Team Development
b. Effective Meetings
c. Getting Accountability
d. Experiential Exercises

Change Management

a. Building Resilience
b. How to Handle Transitions
c. Overcoming Resistance to Change

Effective Communication

a. Effective Listening
b. Helping Others to Take Responsibility for Problems
c. Clearly Communicating Your Needs
d. Facilitating Conflict Resolution

Team Spirit Training (c)

a. Based on Work of Dr. Barry Heermann
b. 2 day Initial Training with Intact teams
c. Creating a Focus on Service
d. Building High Trust and Accountability

Noble Purpose Training (c)

a. Based on Work of Dr. Barry Heermann
b. Discovering and Living Your Noble Purpose
c. Teleworkshop with Groups of Individuals
d. One Hour Per Day for Five Days
e. Highly Interactive with Daily Reading
f. Daily Action Assignments

Can be used in-house as a career development program.

ONE: The Art and Practice of Conscious Leadership (c)

a. Based on Work of Lance Secretan
b. 1-hour, 3-hour, or 8-hour modules
c. One-day retreats with follow-up
d. Creating a Focus on Oneness
e. Breakthough System Based on the Dreams of Leaders



Our Recommended Process for Training Programs

One of the key issues with most training is that it is very difficult to transfer the learning back to the day-to-day workplace. We have found that the best remedy for this transferability issue is coaching combined with follow-up training.

Here is an example of a format that we often recommend:

Step 1 One (1) day of training. Each participant selects a project to work on over the next month.
Step 2 During the next month, each participant receives four (4) ½ hour coaching sessions, 1 per week.
Step 3 Participants return for a two (2) hour follow-up training session that provides a refresher of key concepts, and a discussion of success on individual projects.
Step 4 Optional coaching for people who request help with further development.


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