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Corporate Programs ~ Diagnosis

Diagnosis and Planning
Sample Program Proposal

Work with Design Team to Develop Key Diagnosis Questions

Interview Selected Individuals
  1. Multi-level
  2. Multi-function
Protect confidentiality of individuals – aggregate data

Analyze data for themes and patterns

Feedback sessions

  1. Multi-level
  2. Multi-function

Design and action planning based on results

Sample Leadership ~ Followership Program Proposal

Purpose of Project

  1. To create greater awareness of the values your organization places on having a vibrant work force environment knowing this creates improved productivity, retention and overall job satisfaction. 
  2. To develop a greater awareness of individual values in your leaders and followers and to help them align those values with your organization’s values by taking responsibility (or leadership through followership) of contributing to the success of the organization and contributing to a positive work force environment
  3. To develop personal and interpersonal skills that contribute to organizational effectiveness
  4. To create a “delightful” workplace for your employees with the intention that positive change will transfer will be contagious, and help your organization to be an employer of choice 
  5. To support your leaders in beginning to increase the level of “Employee Delight” in each of their work areas.


Choose a pilot team to go through the program (see details of the program below).  Evaluate the effectiveness of the program and assess its applicability to other parts of the organization.


The approach is three-pronged consisting of (1) Skills Training, (2) Coaching and Values Integration, and (3) Team Projects, culminating in a presentation and celebration dinner with the leaders of the organization.

  1. Skills Training:
    1. Six two-hour sessions over 90 days
    2. Leadership Skills, including the roles of Leader, Manager, Follower
    3. Self-Leadership and Empowerment
    4. Communications skills
    5. Team building skills
    6. Project planning skills 
    7. Presentation skills (for project presentation to management)
  1. Coaching
    1. Each team member receives three 1 hour coaching sessions
    2. Coaching focuses on personal and organizational values integration
    3. Goal:  increase sense of empowerment and build self-leadership and followership skills
    4. Self - Assessment for each team member such using DISC, Myers-Briggs,  and/or inventory of NOW DISCOVER YOUR STRENGTHS TRAITS
  1. Team Project:
    1. Appreciative inquiry – learning to ask questions about what works
    2. Selecting potential areas for improvement
    3. Data gathering (includes benchmarking other organizations)
    4. Defining potential solutions
    5. Analyzing pros & cons of solutions
    6. Making recommendations to management








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