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Corporate Programs ~ Coaching

We offer unique coaching programs for executives and entrepreneurs who have a strong desire to take their work to the next level, while maintaining a sense of balance in their lives, and living an authentic life.

Edgewalker Coaching
Coaching Individuals for High Performance
Coaching Teams for Success
Sales Coaching

Defining Goals
Sample Coaching Program

Defining Goals

Are you longing to find your calling?
Are you interested in leaving your corporate job and starting your own business in a way that will be in alignment with your inner spirit?
Are you an executive who wants to instill greater passion and meaning in your workplace – for yourself and others?
Have you just left a job and are now trying to figure out what to do with your life?
Are you a consultant who wants to be more explicitly spiritual in your client service philosophy and results?
Would you like to gain more visibility in the field of spirituality in the workplace?


We can help you take the next step in fulfilling your unique sense of mission.  This coaching program requires a minimum three-month commitment and will lead to the following outcomes:

Increase your effectiveness in your work while deepening your values
Establish a clear, compelling vision with measurable goals and success criteria
Deepen your leadership skills and abilities.
Increase your visibility in your professional field
Find more meaning and value in your career
Enlarge your customer base and your sales
As well as:
Access to and fellowship with Judi’s wide network of people who are kindred spirits
Ongoing support from Judi Neal through phone calls and email
Access to support materials and the latest research


Corporate Clients

Your contract includes ½ day per month on site and at least one phone call per week per employee.  More calls and email support are available as needed.  The 3-month program is $5250 per employee.  ASAW* members receive an additional 10% discount. All travel expenses paid by client.

Entrepreneurs, Non-Profits and Soul Practitioners

Your contract includes an initial planning session in person or by phone that may be up to 3 hours in length.  That is followed by a one-hour coaching session via telephone each week.  .  More calls and email support available as needed.  The 3-month program is $3250 per person.  We offer a 10% discount if paid in advance.  ASAW members receive an additional 10% discount.  All travel expenses paid by client.

*ASAW is The Association for Spirit at Work

Sample Coaching Program

Each person’s coaching plan is customized for the individual. This is just a sample program that was designed for one organization as part of an overall cultural change process.

Part 1 ~ Values Integration

Personal values

Organizational values

Integration plan for values alignment

Personal project:  Creating your plan

Part 2 ~ Empowerment and Paradigm Shifts

Effective leadership

Effective followership

Myers-Briggs type

Personal, interpersonal, and organizational effectiveness – qualities and traits

Part 3 – Sustainability

Strengths-Finder results

Key learnings from program

Personal project results

Action plan for sustainability after program is over


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